August 3, 2023

The Green Memo: set goals and spring into action!

Ready to reduce your production's environmental impact? Get the whole team on board by communicating your sustainable actions with a Green Memo!

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The Green Memo communicates the goals and actions your production is taking to reduce its environmental impact. It tells the crew why this production is working towards these goals and the actions the production is taking to act sustainably. It’s a pledge to hold the production and crew accountable.

Cue the Green Memo!

It’s important to communicate your production's sustainability goals and actions as early as possible and with every crew member. Early communication gives your crew a chance to consider anything that’s new to them, and communicating broadly gives everyone an opportunity to play their part. Sustainability’s a team effort!

Setting up a Green Memo for success

A Green Memo is often developed from an environmental or sustainability strategy that outlines a range of goals and objectives. When a production is slated or goes into pre-production, heads of departments come together to discuss the actions each department can take to support the broader strategy. These are then summarised into a range of practices and actions that get communicated to every crew member in the Green Memo.

Steps to action

1. Develop a sustainability strategy with senior leadership.

2. Liaise with HODs to develop departmental sustainability goals. Our Sustainable Actions checklists for a range of departments will help.

3. Finalise the strategy and develop a list of practices and actions specific to this production.

4. Summarise the strategy and practices into a Green Memo and have someone from senior leadership send it out, so it’s clear this is a directive coming from the top.

See how it's done

A huge thanks to albert, Vico Films and Fremantle Australia for allowing us to share their Green Memos with you:

For those who love to go the (carbon-neutral) mile:

When everyone on a production is working together towards the same goals and objectives, they become easier to achieve and can build camaraderie. What production doesn’t want that?!

Ready to write your own Green Memo? Use our checklist to help mark off everything you need to set up a sustainable production so you can share it with your team.

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