Our story

The story of Sustainable Screens Australia

Australia's screen industry is home to exceptional talent and consistently delivers critically acclaimed content. However, our industry is a decade behind our global partners when it comes to sustainable production practices. We want to keep producing exceptional film and television content for years to come, so we brought together influential industry representatives including ABC, SBS, Netflix, BBC Studios and Screen Australia, recognising the crucial need for collective action and a standardised approach to sustainability.

We know that change is possible. And, with the support of our incredible partner, albert, we're committed to changing the climate of Australian film and television production.

Our team

Tessa de Josselin

Operations and Sustainable Production Coordinator

Maree Cochrane

Executive Director

Zachary Lurje

Learning Designer

Georgina McClements

Learning Designer

Our directors

Anna Kaplan


Sara Horn


Jennifer McAuliffe

Kate Pappas


Alex Wasiel


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