June 5, 2024

The BAFTA albert toolkit: Workflow

Measure your production's carbon footprint with the Carbon Calculator and take steps to reduce it with the Carbon Action Plan.

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Productions that use the albert toolkit will have access to two tools:

The Carbon Calculator allows you to work out the carbon footprint of your production, enabling you to see the impact of your production.

The Carbon Action Plan is designed for those productions who not only want to measure their carbon footprint but actively take steps towards reducing it. Productions that successfully complete the Carbon Action Plan process will receive Sustainable Production Certification and display a logo showing this on their end board.

This article outlines the work flow for productions that use both the Calculator and Action Plan*.

* Please note, you can use the Calculator without the Action Plan, but if you choose to complete a Carbon Action Plan it is mandatory to measure your footprint using the Calculator.

Creating a Draft Footprint

During pre-production, once you’ve created a new production on the system you will need to complete a draft footprint.

Here you’ll need to input an initial estimate of your usage for all the relevant sections of the calculator. You will need to input information on your energy, travel and materials and disposal. If you’re not sure where to start with this, you can use your budget as a starting point.

This will give you a breakdown of where your main emissions are likely to come from so you can be strategic about where you can make reductions, you can download this breakdown to share with your teams/crew.

It’s also important to fill out a draft footprint so you know what you’ll be asked when it comes to filling out your actual footprint and don’t get caught out with missing data.

There is an option to download your draft footprint so make sure to do this if you want to compare your draft footprint with your final footprint at the end.

Starting a Carbon Action Plan

If you choose to complete a carbon action plan you will also need to set this up at the same time as your draft footprint.

The first step is to answer a list of questions about the actions you’re taking on your production.

We will then request evidence based on some of the actions you have said you’re taking, which can be uploaded at a later date.

Finalising Your Footprint

Now you’ve filled out your draft footprint, completing your final footprint at the end of production will be a piece of cake!

You can go through each entry and amend it to reflect the actual usage.

Don’t forget to include anything extra that was not accounted for originally. When you have finalised each entry, remember to click submit.

Once submitted your final footprint will be audited by the SSA team, which can take up to 10 working days.

Completing Your Carbon Action Plan

If you are completing a carbon action plan you will now need to upload your evidence.

This should be invoices/contracts/call sheets etc. that show you have taken the actions shown in the questionnaire.

Once the SSA team has approved this you will be able to download a logo for your end board.

Productions need to renew their carbon action plan every series, for continuing programmes this should be done every year.

Download the workflow for more information.

Download the workflowDownload PDF