Supplier criteria

How to become a game-changing supplier

We know that change is possible. And, with the support of our partner, albert, we're committed to changing the climate of Australian film and television production.

Sustainable Supplier

A Sustainable Supplier not only provides a service or product that is considered sustainable and/or environmentally friendly, but addresses the environmental impact of their own organisation. They go above and beyond to ensure their internal activities, and the suppliers they use, have minimal impact on the health of our planet. They also work to ensure continual improvement to their processes through Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

A Sustainable Supplier must provide: 

Eco Supplier

An Eco Supplier provides a product or service that enables productions to implement sustainable practices, but has minimal internal actions or policies to address their own environmental impact. These businesses may be in the process of developing and addressing their own impact or have minimal impact due to the nature of their operations.

An Eco Supplier includes organisations that: