June 21, 2024

Kelsey Munro & Claudia Karvan: Climate Storylines In BUMP Season 4

Kelsey Munro and Claudia Karvan discuss their journey of introducing climate storylines into season 4 of the acclaimed Stan series - BUMP.

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BUMP co-creators Kelsey and Claudia sat down with SSA's Tessa de Josselin to share why they acknowledged climate change in season four and how they went about tackling a tricky subject on-screen.

For Claudia, the turning point was attending Groundswell Giving's climate fellowship on Heron Island along with Tessa, where she learnt her biggest superpower as a storyteller is to talk about the issue with hope.

The pair also discuss the reception they received from audiences and networks and the fun they had incorporating this new element into character arcs and storylines!

  • Humour is a great tool when showcasing complex topics like climate and helps avoid didactic narratives.
  • Introducing climate into a character's arc can be fun, makes a character more relatable and opens up new storylines.
  • Climate storylines are not a commercial disaster! BUMP 4 was well received by audiences, crew members and streaming partners.
  • Research is key. Kelsey and Claudia chose to keep a folder of climate articles/fodder to refer to for inclusion into dialogue or storylines.
  • Kelsey and Claudia hope BUMP S4 has paved the way for other storytellers to include climate. For them, it will now always be an inclusion in other scripts moving forward.

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